Free Renewals

Free Renewals:

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  • Free certificate and license renewal every three (3) years.
  • It is the responsibility of your employer to evaluate your performance at least once every three (3) years.
  • Refresher training, including an evaluation of the effectiveness of that training, shall be conducted to ensure that the operator has the knowledge and skills needed to operate the powered industrial truck safely. Refresher training shall be provided to the operator when:
    • The operator has been observed to operate the lift truck in an unsafe manner.
    • The operator has been involved in an accident or near-miss incident.
    • The operator has received an evaluation revealing that the operator is not operating the lift truck safely.
    • The operator is assigned to drive a different type of lift truck.
    • A condition in the workplace changes in a manner that could affect safe operation of the lift truck.
  • Print your certificate, good for three (3) years, here. Your license will be mailed to you in 5 to 7 work days.
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