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1.  The steering of a lift truck is the same as an automobile?
2. You should never turn a forklift on a grade.
3. In case of a tip over, you should stay with the lift truck and hold on to the steering wheel tightly.
4.  It is not important to check the condition of the forks on a lift truck since they are made of steel.
5. If the lift truck has been altered, the Data Plate needs to be updated.
6. It is okay to smoke while refueling a lift truck as long as the engine is off.
7. When the operator is 25 feet or more away from the lift truck, even if it remains in view, the lift truck is considered “unattended.”
8.  When crossing a railroad track in a lift truck, you should cross diagonally wherever possible.
9.  When using electric forklifts powered by large lead-acid batteries, it is not necessary to designate an area for the purpose of battery charging.
10.  If your lift truck is not operating properly you should complete your shift, then notify your supervisor.