Study Session

Prior to taking the online test for certification, we encourage you to click on the Free Quiz Button, which will direct you to our 10 question true or false practice quiz.

If you have already taken the free quiz and answered 7 or more questions correctly, move to the study session. The study session should take approximately 40 minutes to read and if you did well on the practice quiz and you reviewed the study session, we are confident you will pass the online multiple choice test.

If you are ready to review the study session, please click on button below to pay the one-time, low price of $49.00 to begin. This will provide you access to the study session and allow you to complete the online test for certification.

What will I learn in the study session?

The first section will describe the lift trucks you will be licensed to operate once you have passed the on-line multiple-choice test.  There are seven classes of lift trucks you will be reading about today, with the exception of Class 6 forklifts as these are not actually forklifts, but tractors.  The words lift truck and forklift are used interchangeably (mean the same).

The second section will discuss how to operate a forklift, from starting and stopping to loading truck trailers and railroad cars.  Only trained and knowledgeable operators shall be permitted to operate a powered industrial lift truck.  All powered industrial lift truck operators must be certified.  It is a violation of Federal law for anyone under 18 years of age to operate a forklift or for anyone over 18 years of age who is not properly trained and certified to operate a forklift.

The third section describes the workplace and how to avoid accidents with the lift truck and with pedestrian traffic.  This section also discusses the proper use of lift trucks in enclosed and hazardous areas, and safe stacking of material with the applicable lift truck.